Viveza 3 cannot launch in Photoshop when editing a TIFF or PSD file

When editing a TIFF or PSD file in Photoshop 2021 (22.4.1 Release) and I try to launch Viveza 3 from the menu, I see an error pop-up that says:
“Could not complete the Viveza 3 command because the disk is full”.

This is very odd as I have over 1TB of unused space.

In addition, Viveza 3 launches fine:

  • From Photoshop when editing either JPG or PNG files
  • From Lightroom Classic (10.2 Release) regardless of image format
  • Standalone mode

I’ve raised a ticket with support and they’re looking into it. However, as it’s been a few days now, I just wanted to see if anyone is facing the same issue and knows of a workaround as it’s really impacting my workflow.

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Same problem when trying to open Silver Efex or Viveza after upgrade. Solution was to save raw file as tiff (I assume it might also work as jpeg) and then open Silver Efex Pro 3 standalone using the .exe file in c:\program files\DxO\Nik Collection\bin\silver efex pro.exe under Windows 10.

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Have the same problem, I need to save in Photoshop and open Viveza in Lightroom… for me its just the wrong way to do it.

This update is not a nice one, it fells like its a beta version.

To install the update the language on the computer needed to be change.

I have opposite problem Viveza won’t launch from Lightroom but opens fine in Photoshop.