Viveza 2 Version x64 (v 2.3.1) used in Stand Alone Does not work--No taskbar for file name

I just updated DXO Photo Lab 3 Elite to ver 3.1.1 and the NIK Collection 2 on my Win 10 pro desktop.

I usually use the various NIK collection programs in Stand Alone mode. I create a Tiff file in another program, then open it in a NIK program like CEP4 or Silver Eff Pro 2. I go to the task bar with file in it , click on file, locate the file, and open it.

The problem I am having is this approach does not work for Viveza 2. When I open this program there is no taskbar at the top with file in it. The first taskbar line shows Views.

The only way I can use Viveza is from DXO Photolab 3 by clicking in NIK collection and then Viveza.

Any suggestions as to what I need to do? Uninstall something or everything and start over again?

I am new to DXO and the current version of NIK Collection.

That’s correct, Joseph - - Viveza cannot be run in stand-alone mode. The only way to use Viveza (AFAIK) is to have another application pass an image to it.

Edit: Another thought; Now that PL has ability to make Local Adjustments - and with Control Points - I no longer find the need to use Viveza. I suggest you check-out capabilities of PL3 and save the hassle of having to pass your image between multiple applications.

John M

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Hello John and others. I have discovered a work around on NIK Vivenza stand alone so I can use it as a stand alone if and when needed. Here is what I do:

  1. create a shortcut to my desktop for Vivenza (and all otgher NIK Collection programs too.) My NIK Collection program files are located under C: Program Files: DxO: Nin Collection: Vivenza 2: Vivenza 2 (64 bit):Vivenza 2. Right click and send a shorcut to the desktop.
  2. Locate the Tiff or Jpeg file to be worked on in its native file folder so you can click on it and drag it into Viveza.
  3. Open Vivenz by clicking on the shortcut. Then drag the photo to be worked on into Viveza by placing the photo above the shortcut symbol for Viveza on your desktop.

Another approach that might work is to add the photo to be worked on to your desktop. Then right click on it and Open with Viveza. This would mean that you would have to tell win 10 that Vivenza was one of your photo programs.

All this being said, I still think that DXO needs to change Vivenza so it works as a stand alone with a file open feature without having to go thru all of the above.

Joe S.,

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Shortcuts is one option another is right-click and use “open with…”