Virtual images being generated

Hello. I am new to DXO 5 and have run into a strange issue. I work on 3 different PCs and have begun a project to tag my photo collection. I have done some of the tagging on different computers. On all of them I have enabled the option to keep keywords synced (mistake?) under the assumption that when I launch DXO on on of my computers it would automatically find the keyword changes performed on another computer (my photo library is synched via OneDrive). I’ve noticed an issue where each new computer I log into seems to generate a new virtual copy of all my images (at least the ones I was viewing). When I logged into the second computer and launched DXO I had a single virtual image created for all the images. When I logged onto the third computer a second virtual copy was created for all my images resulting in two virtual copies for each photo. This did not seem to happen until I started working to tag all my images with keywords. Could this be related to the option to keep the keywords synchronized? I’m a little fuzzy on how that should work. I’ve selected to index my picture folder on all three computers. Oddly the keywords themselves (and edits) seem to sync perfectly between the computers without issue, it’s just the weird extra virtual copies showing up that I can’t figure out.


Further testing has shown that the sidecars from one machine are loading as virtual images when viewed on another machine. I have the option set to automatically load sidecar files set on all machines. I assume it should not be doing this. What is the proper settings to have multiple machines share the same picture folders and not have DXO create a bunch of virtual pictures?

this is a long standing issue. You might be able to find the old discussions.

Several users simply delete the database before starting Photolab.