Virtual Copy


I’m using DXO Photo Lab and Photo Film Pack 5 trials to figure the potential of this software, but I’m not fully understand why I can’t always see my virtual copies…

I select a photo, choose create virtual copy, and a number appears immediately, so I know it is doing a virtual copy, but then, I only get my first copies and can’t see the 2nd ones (in other words, I see the 1 but not the 2 :wink: )

Don’t know if I’m making myself clear, but any tip is welcome.

Thank you guys

I am not in front of my computer where I have PL installed but I could imagine that you have a setting in the filter which hides the copy

Hello ValentinaErno,

It could be great to know if you are on Win or Mac.
Did you reset the filter as Sigi Already says ?
Did you use Projects ?


Hi Pat!

Thank you for your reply.
I couldn’t find the setting Sigi was telling me about, but it’s working today, I can add and automatically see the virtual versions I create. Could it be some incompatobility with bridge? I didn’t opened it today.

I’m working in Mac OS and not using projects, but I’ll look over for a tutorial about it aswell :wink:

I used Adobe during all my studies, and now that I’m looking forward to turn photography in a profession, I’m looking forward to find the best solution for me, in terms of speed vrs quality in processing my RAW files.

The versions seem to be a nice way to easily have color and BW versions of my photos.

Thank you both for your help!

Hello Valentina,

the filter is in the left, lower corner of the screen.
If you read the manual - help file wiki- it is also explained how the filter works.


Hi Sigi!

Thank you for your help!