Virtual copies and .dop files

I have used DxO PhotoLab since Version 1 but I’ve never worked with virtual copies. I’ve read the online manual but I’m not sure I’m 100% clear on what it does.

I edited two photos I took yesterday and created several virtual copies of both. So in the folder where they reside I expected to see several .dop files, but in fact there are only two, one for each of the two images. Does DxO PL put all of the virtual copy data into the same .dop file as the master?

Simply put: Yes.

The DPL database holds the information about the virtual copy/ies too.

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Thank you. Much appreciated.

There is only one .dop file created for each physical file regardless of the number of virtual copies you make and, as indicated by @platypus, all the edit instructions, including those for each virtual copy, are stored there and in the database. if you copy an image file with its associated .dop file to another computer running Photolab the virtual copies will appear there as well.

Virtual copies are an incredibly useful feature. I use them all the time. By the way, you can make virtual copies of virtual copies as well as virtual copies of virtual copies of virtual copies and so on, opening all sorts of editing possibilities. If you have lots of virtual copies sorting out which is which can become difficult. I understand that in the backlog there is a request to be able to uniquely name virtual copies to make managing them easier.


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Thank you, Mark.