Vignetting overcorrection on SEL24F18Z

Hi there. I’m using DxO PhotoLab to denoise and do optical corrections. Normally things are working great, but there seems to be some kind of problem with one particular lens of mine.

  • [Lens - SEL24F18Z]
  • Camera - A6600
  • Optics module ID - C66942a
  • DxO PhotoLab Version: 5.2

When I run images from this device through DxO PhotoLab, I get a pretty extreme vignetting overcorrection. I am not seeing this behavior with any of my other lenses. I will paste an example below.


  • As rendered by DxO with DxO Standard profile:

  • As rendered by Lightroom Classic with “camera settings” preset:

  • As rendered by DxO PL with vignetting set to 50%

Am I right in thinking that this optics module is busted? If so, is there a way for me to fix it on my side?

Hi and welcome! I notice that the out-of-camera jpeg is a different image than the RAW tests show. Also, I don’t think there’s enough info here to rule out other settings such as Smart Lighting. Best to open a support ticket at and upload a couple of test RAW files using Then DxO can provide a definitive evaluation of the optics module and the standard preset.

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Thank you Egregius. Yes I realized my error just after I posted, but the site wouldn’t let me edit my post since it was “pending”. I will make some more pictures with this lens tonight and try running them through DxO.