Vignetting--How to remove

I have DXO PL 3 Elite on Windopws 10 Pro pcs.

When I use a Kenko extension tube with my Nikon 200mm f4 macro lens on a full frame Nikon body, I get a slight dark vignetting at all four corners of the uncropped image.

Is there a tool within DXO PL3 that will remove the vignetting?

In the NIK Collection?

The only solution I have found is to crop out the four corners of the image.



There is a vignetting tool in the Light palette although it may not be able to fix your problem if it is extreme. Another option is to use the Creative Vignetting tool in Film Pack 5. FilmPack five is a DXO standalone and plug in program at an extra cost. Finally you can try using local adjustments although it may take some effort.


Sounds like the extension ring’s inner diameter is not wide enough for your combination. You might be able to lift the corners as Mark proposes, albeit with some loss of quality (depending on how dark those corners are).

Do the corners improve when you change aperture?

Thank you both for your quick and helpful responses. I used the Vignetting tool, but to get it to remove the slight dark corners, I had to select Manual as Auto did not fix anything, and did not do anything as best as I could determine even when I moved the slider. In Manual, I had to get the slider almost all the way to the right to fix the problem.

The Kenko tube used was a 35mm, and one designed to be used on Nikon mounts. I did not test out the impact of different apertures, but I am pretty sure that the vignetting effect is greater the smaller the size of the actual aperture.–f 16 produces moire vignetting than f 5.6.

To avoid vignetting with Nikon lenses, it is best to use Nikon made extension tubes. When they are used on “most” Nikon bodies, information is transferred, but AF is not possible.

Use the control point in Local Adjustments. Place a CP on each of the dark corners. Select M to see the mask and adjust the size. Group the CP’s. Adjust the exposure to brighten the corners.