Vignette correction of the Canon RF 15-35mm ƒ2.8

At the moment I’m testing PL7 and PR4 against LR. What I have noticed most so far is, that the vignette correction in the standard setting for RF 15-35mm ƒ2.8 is too hard. The Adobe correction does not produce these hard borders. Is this a known issue?

Hi there

Any chance you might be able to upload the raw and .dop files for us to take a look at?

One common vignette problem with wide angle lenses occurs when using add on filters are their rims often interfere with the field of view.
Some applications automatically crop the image to remove such vignetting. Others try to counter it with exposure control for the corners.

Pls lens based corrections are optical ones and not built for add on filters.

But a raw and jpg export from LR might offer some better insight.


I put it here: Dropover Cloud Upload
Password is: dxopl

I had no filter attached, its also not specific to this image. The LR JPEG has not exact the same setting, but you can see, that there is not this hard vignette as DxO has. Stepping down to 80% solves it most. But in PR I can’t adjust the vignette setting.

Yes I can see the problem.
It appears it’s the automatically set Intensity value of 100 that it causing this.
If I lower the value manually to 65 it’s way better.

I guess that the auto value of 100 interfere with some of your many other settings and cause this.

I tested it, the other setting do not interfere and it also happens with PureRAW. And in PureRAW I can’t set the vignetting to 65, only on/off.