Vignette correction not applied automatically in PL6

I recently got a DJI Mini 4 Pro drone to shoot 360 aerial panoramas. The drone’s lens produces fairly strong vignetting. In PhotoLab 6 (I haven’t bought the PL7 upgrade as I don’t need the new features) my default preset includes Vignetting: Correction: Auto with DxO Optics Module. To be absolutely clear, this is switched ON by default.

However, the vignetting in the RAW (DNG) files is NOT corrected unless I toggle the Vignette switch off and on again, or fiddle with the Vignette panel controls. This makes no sense; if the feature is switched on in a preset, it should be applied automatically – that’s the fundamental point of a preset!

Two things:

  1. Is this behaviour the same in PhotoLab 7?
  2. If so, DxO, please address this bug urgently!

I’d buy the upgrade in a heartbeat if this was definitely fixed.

(Current version: DxO PhotoLab Elite 6.14.0 build 66)


If you post such a picture, we can test it. :slight_smile:

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A very good point! :grin:

A DNG straight out of the drone is here on my site: Index of /test/dxo
It needs significant WB fixing of course, but that’s why I capture in RAW. It’s only the vignetting – when applied automatically in my preset – that’s the issue.

(I suspect that if you have that feature off by default, turning it on with the image open in PL will be the same as manually tinkering; it will trigger the effect.)

Revisiting this as I process more drone panorama shots: it seems that the vignette correction is INSUFFICIENTLY applied until the panel’s controls are touched:

If I open an image for editing it shows vignetting problems.
If I then turn the Vignetting panel off, it looks (even) worse.
When I turn it back on again the vignetting is then completely and correctly fixed.

Still a problem! But not quite the same as the feature literally not being applied automatically at all.

before applying the profile for cam + lens

after applying the profile for cam + lens

closed PL6.14.0 Build343, copied your dng-file to a different location, restarted PL6

= NO problem w/ vignetting

Here’s the image in DxO PhotoLab 6.14.0 (build 66) when first opened in Customize. Note that I have a custom preset that applies some basic things including the default vignetting:

Here’s the image when I turn OFF the Vignetting panel:

And here’s the image when I turn the Vignetting panel back on:

I have no idea why you didn’t see this, unless you didn’t have Vignetting set as part of your default preset? Regardless, the above screen grabs show that MY copy of PL6 certainly does have a problem with fixing vignetting as part of an automated, preset-driven process. :frowning_face:

Curiously, I have noticed that once PL has been ‘nudged’ about an image it doesn’t get this wrong again (for that image), even if the cache is cleared and the sidecar files deleted. However, if I quit PL and rename the DNG, the problem is there again.

Thanks for looking, Wolfgang. As there wasn’t a simple answer (at least that we’ve found so far) I’ve raised a support ticket.

Well, applying (installing) the profile did it.

I apologise for being slow Wolfgang, do you mean this fixed it? Where is that option?

In the General pane of the Preferences window I see “Presets: Default preset for new RAW images”, which uses my preferred custom starting point preset. This has Vignette control switched on.

Yes, this one… I don’t know why it doesn’t work for you.

To double check, I copied your file to another folder, opened it with PL7 and it was the same. Before installing the lens profile, the image showed severe vignetting and after the vignetting disappeared.