ViewPoint tools missing in DPL


The ViewPoint documentation says :

*The Guide tool remains exclusive to DxO ViewPoint and is not added to DxO PhotoLab.*
  • In DxO PhotoLab, the lines in the Perspective and Horizon tools are not available with a magnification loupe.*

I have a single question : why ?

Or did I miss something ?

Since I have paid a license for ViewPoint, I should benefit from its features wherever I use it. when using ViewPoint from DPL, placing the anchor points with accuracy without a magnification loupe is a nightmare. If I want to use these tools, I have to export the image to a TIFF or JPEG file first. Which means that the corrections made with ViewPoint should be the last in the workflow. No choice. Once again, a big inconstency in the user interface design. When using DPL with a ViewPoint license, I should not have to resort to the standalone version.

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I appreciate the concern. However, I think you mistakenly created the topic within the Nik Collection category. I suggest editing the topic title to recategorize the topic under DxO PhotoLab and make it a Feature Request.

In PhotoLab, I turn on the grid lines (Ctrl+G in Windows), which is an effective guide. I think using a loupe for anchor points would make the tool a lot easier to use, though. Automatic perspective correction has been very unreliable, so that would be the next best thing.

While I realize that the tool offers magnification in the standalone version, I have never had a problem using it from within Photolab and placing the points precisely. I am not sure why you have the need to export an image prior to using it. Perhaps it has to do with the size and resolution of your monitor. In any case, from within PhotoLab changes to horizon and perspective should be performed before any local adjustments or use of the Retouch tool should since these masks are not automatically readjusted


I’m wondering why my post landed in the Nik Collection section. I’m sure I posted in the “DxO Viewpoint | Feature requests” section : no post there and I was invited to create the first post (ditto for the FilmPack section, by the way).

Anything I didn’t understand about the forum behavior ?

If I’m working on a RAW file in DPL, as stated in the documentation, I do not have access to the features mentioned above : magnifying loupe and guide tool. So, if I want to use them because the image makes selecting the anchor points difficult, I have to use the standalone version… which does not accept RAW files, unless I’m missing something. Or am I that blind :slight_smile: ?

Are you using this on a very small monitor? I have a 28-in 4K monitor. I have no problems setting the points precisely where I want them. While magnification is always helpful, I have not found a lack of it to be a significant problem. I can certainly see how it might be an issue on a small 13-in or 15-in laptop monitor.


I’m using a 24" Eizo + a secondary display. But my eyesight is probably worse than yours :slight_smile:.

This kind of problem appears when the “the developer doesn’t need it” syndrome is in action. I do appreciate the capabilities of the DxO software. The only thing that prevents me from making it my main post-processing application is the global inconsistency of the user interface. And I know they know that it should be reworked. There are multiple requests about this waiting since years.

The case of the magnifying glass is typical. It’s implemented in the standalone version of ViewPoint. If they implemented it, it’s probably because someone thought that it was useful for many people. So, why not in DPL ? It’s always the same problem with DxO : inconsistency. Probably due to a lack of development resources.

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I agree it would be nice to have the guidelines and magnification loupe available when Viewpoint is used within PL, and frustrating that they are absent. However, as a very regular user of VP within PL I don’t find it problematic to position the various Perspective tool anchor points. Simply zooming in on the image to a suitable magnification, along with the Move/Zoom palette to help position the part of the image displayed, works fine for me.