ViewPoint in HDR workflow?

I am processing some HDR shots using Nik HDR Efex. The photos are raws, and I am applying the standard PL3 conversion to them before using the Nik button (actually quite useful to me!) to open HDR Efex. The photos are interior building shots, tripod used. Each of the 3 shots in each series therefore needs identical ViewPoint correction. I am currently applying VP to the single HDR TIFF. But is it possible to apply the VP to the first RAW and then copy and paste the corrections to the other 2 raws BEFORE passing to Nik? And if this is possible, does it give an image quality advantage? I am only thinking in terms of trying to achieve maximum quality for good quality, large prints.

Of course yes.
I have two methods (A and B on my tutorial)


Thank you Pascal, I’ve tried it now.