Viewpoint: how to deactivate?

I just saw, my film pack license is activated on my (not so new anymore) Mac, but for filmpack I have reached the maximum amount of activations.

So I checked the old iMac how to deactivate PL, VP and FP completely there. Not possible on first glance.

Let me guess: After two activations one needs to buy a new license and it’s not possible to deactivate all DxO apps on a machine no longer in use and waiting for a buyer, right? :grin:

Simply contact support and they will help you and release the license.

Ok, thanks @Required funny thing is just, I got all licenses around the same time and why is film pack still active and VP can’t be activated? Oh, right, I have two FP versions, 5 and 6 licensed and VP is still in it’s version 3. Do I want to bother support for that? What can VP do I can’t do with C1? Plus, what of this I need to have? Ok, too complicated, I leave that to “later”. Thank you very much for your reply.

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One of the key elements of Viewpoint 4, and probably its single most important feature, is the Perspective tool. It is now available in PhotoLab 6 Elite for the first time without the requirement of a Viewpoint license.


If you think you might use the apps again later, it might be worth to do so. Removing the license file disables the app, but sadly, it does not act on the activation counter on DxO’s activation servers.

On a Mac, license files can be found in
/Library/Application Support/DxO/Licenses/