ViewPoint and Affinity Photo

Previous versions of ViewPoint and Affinity Photo have not worked in that VP has either not been recognised or had not loaded into AP. Withe the latest versions, I find that VP is recognised by AP and loads successfully when called as a plugin. However, whatever perspective changes I apply to the image are lost when I click on Save and return to Affinity Photo.

The standalone program works fine.


Viewpoint doesn’t work for me either in AP. I notice that in Adobe Photoshop CS6 there are two files in the plugin folder.

I think only PS can use a .8Li file. This suggests that Viewpoint is not compatible with AP.

Does anyone have Viewpoint working in AP and if so what file is AP using?


As far as I know Viewpoint and Filmpack do not work in AP as plugins. I also checked on their forum and as far as I can tell no one succeeded.

Yes, ViewPoint and FilmPack are among a long list of plugins still unsupported on AP. To use either one you have to take a detour in your workflow with a TIF (or JPG) file.

Thanks for taking the time to reply Sigi and Bob :-).