Viewpoint 4 is not showing up in Photolab 5

Hello folks. I own Photolab 5 and owned viewpoint 3.

I just purchased viewpoint 4 and installed it.

When I load photolab 5, viewpoint 4 will not appear in the installed app list and will not appear in the app once photolab is opened.

I have tried everything including uninstalling photolab, old version of viewpoint, new version of viewpoint.

Reinstalling all the software’s.

I even deleted everything from program files, temp local and roaming files and it still has not resolved the issue.

What can I do to get viewpoint 4 to show up in photolab 5?

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.


Hi moe99 and welcome,

Unfortunately nothing. VP4 contains some new tools that are not compatible with PL5. You can still use VP4 as a standalone or upgrade to PL6.

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Okay thanks everyone.