ViewPoint 3 plugin?

I recently finished rebuilding my Mac with Monterey and reinstalled both PhotoLab 5 and ViewPoint 3. While I know that the VP functionality is available in PL5 I also expected to see the VP plugin somewhere on my system, but it does not appear to be anywhere.

The VP manual still says that VP includes a PS plugin but there is none in my CC PS plugins folder and I can not find one anywhere on my system. Does VP still include a plugin? And if so, where is it hiding?

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Does this page answer your question?

Yes. I did not think to look in the bundle itself for the plugin, and probably should have. My mistake, and I have retrieved the plugins (there are 2 but only one seems to work with PS) and I have tested it to make sure it is working properly.

However I think it is worth pointing out that the manual for VP3 implies that the VP plugins will be copied over during the installation process and that is probably why I did not think to look inside the bundle. It would probably be a good idea for someone at Dxo to update the manual and fix this issue.

In the meantime I am good to go, so thank you for the information.

The guide says that “You should copy…” and lists the places where the plugins can be found and to where we need to copy them, so this is meant to be a manual operation.

Strange, specially in view of VP having an installer, and not a drag-and-drop installation like PhotoLab…

The problem is solved now that I know that the plugin is hidden inside the bundle, but tI do want to point out that the manual contains a highlighted section where it tells the reader that the plugin can be installed along with the application, and that says nothing about copying. Installed, to me, means that the installer will “install” it, which means copying should not be necessary.

See the screen shot.

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This absolutely does not work with PS 23.4.1, but does work with PS 23.1.1. The plug-ins are right where they are supposed to be - it’s an Adobe bug. I hope DxO contacts Adobe for a fix ASAP.