Viewpoint 3 - Image file cannot be loaded

I have a new install of Viewpoint 3 and it refuses to open any image file. I get the error “image file cannot be loaded”. This happens with all cases - when i use VP3 standalone and browse to a JPG, also when I export from Lightroom directly to VP3. The only place i can get VP to work is via Photolab 3. I have tried JPG and TIFF, and have also tried different resolutions and colour spaces on my RGB files. Have tried uninstalling and re-installing latest version and ensured it is latest updated version.

Anyone else had an issue like this? Hope someone can help.

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I have the exact same issue, I hope someone helps!

Is no one watching?

Hello Anthony,

can you upload a file where you have problems with. I want to try it on my computer.

Hi guys,

Sorry I didn’t post reply, but I have found a solution for my problem by myself. The support I received via the trouble ticket system was absolutely useless. 48 hours between one sentence replies to reinstall, download a previous version, re-install again.

There was nothing wrong with any of my images, or the plugin… except for the way it uses COLOUR PROFILES!

I reinstalled the srgb colour profile, rebooted, then made sure it was correctly selected in the Windows 10 operating system, all working.

Hope this helps someone else.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks! my viewpoint 3 had the same issue.
The change of color profile worked!

For all like me, who first had to find out how to change color profiles in windows:

  1. go to windows settings → color settings
    also to be found by typing color… in the start menu search field (or Win+R colorcpl.exe)

  2. there on the “advanced” page, you can specify a system default color profile.

There I selected one of the already installed Nikon Color profiles (sRGB) and upon Windows restart, DxO Viewpoint was able to open images.

Neither the dxo online help or FAQ had anything to say about this very basic program malfunction.
So thanks Anthony for asking and answering this!

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