View of Topics That Have my Vote

Would it not be nice to have a list of the topics that have my vote?

Because of the limit of the number of votes, I’d like to shift a vote occasionally and such a view could help ease this shift.

Hum !?
You can see this list in your profile.
Click your icon on top right, your name and then “activity”.

I do it for you. You have 6 votes :slight_smile:

Yes, exactly like this:

Thank you for the assistance @Pieloe :wink:

Svetlana G.

Great, thank you. Sometimes, happiness is much closer than we think :wink:



i know i can release votes from places and re-use them somewhere else.
Did searched how on the forum. Couldend find it.
How can i release votes? ( yes i know you did post it earlier but memory is a strange thing, knowing you seen it isn’t same as remembering:roll_eyes:)

got it, need to enter the voted string scoll upwards, tap on votes, revote.
votes go to number-1 and you got the vote back.

Yes, exactly this way :slight_smile: