View all images in a folder hierarchy (folder tree)

I’m evaluating PL2, and I’m looking for a way to tell the file browser to show me all the images that are present in my folder hierarchy, under the currently selected folder.
So if I have
– Raptors
----- Eagles
----- Hawks

Then, selecting Raptors would show me all the Eagle and Hawk images.

Is this possible in PL2?


The “Show photos in subfolders” option of Lightroom does not exist in DPL.

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Thanks, @Pat91, is there any way I can suggest this as a feature for down the road?

There’s a “Which feature do you need ?” section in this forum.


Hello Arun,

There is an existing feature request which may be exactly what you want:
Add option to show contents of parent folder and subfolders when searching by folder name
If so, please support the request by voting.

Regards, Joseph

Hi @jmcsaky thanks for the link.
In my case, I need to see the sub folders contents too, when I click on a top level folder, because, that gives me an idea of everything. I use folders as the “most important” tag to differentiate dissect my image sets and my trees run deep to 5 levels sometimes.
Your idea is a good middle ground instead of making the software recursively descend down a path, to show all files, just search the database to see everything that is below a specific folder node.

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Another vote for this. Without it the file browser is all but useless to me.

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another vote!