Very slow update images in Lightroom Classic and crash!

hi all, I opened a ticket several months ago, but the assistance does not solve the problem and no longer responds.

I use Lightroom Classic and when I finish working an image with Efex Pro or Silver Efex, even 3 minutes pass before seeing the updated image inside Lightromm. In this time, I can’t use lightroom for extreme slowness.
The processor seems not to work, so I don’t understand what the problem is.
On top of that, the whole Nik Collection package closes abruptly while I’m working on it.
With the latest update, the crashes have decreased, but the latency in the image update remains.

Obviously, I reinstalled the latest versions, cleaned all previous installations and sent the info file, with video to support.

Can someone help me ?

Welcome, Chestile.

I cannot offer a solution - but I can suggest a workaround …

You could use the Efex Pro or Silver Efex feature to “Save image as” … and then (re)open the result in LR.

HtH - John M

Hi John, thank you … but it’s very strange what happened…
The happened with the last major update.

I’m waiting for a support’s solution… (from 2 months).

Hi, Chestile. Like you, I’m having the same problem; for me it started with the version 5 when Color Efex Pro was updated to the new interface since Color Efex is the Nik app I use the most.

There are several threads on here about this issue; see for example NIK 5 crashing Lightroom. After trying a couple of workarounds, I’ve settled on using “Edit in Adobe Photoshop 2022” from Lightroom, using the Nik Collection plugins in Photoshop instead, then saving the TIFF file in Photoshop (which adds it back to the Lightroom catalog). It took me a little while to get used to this method and the extra steps involved, but now that I’m accustomed to it I like it pretty well. If you take a look at the thread I mentioned above, you’ll also see a couple of links to DxO documentation that describe how to use the plugins in Photoshop more efficiently.


Hi Dale,
thank you for response.
I’ve crash, also inside Lightroom.

With the last version, the numbers of crash are decrease, but the delay for update the image inside Lightroom still remain.