Version numbering

You have added version numbering to the downloads for PL3, Good

I was somewhat surprised when I just downloaded the update for Nik 2 (Nik 2.3.1) to find that you hadn’t done the same with Nik tools.

Seriously? Who said “lets use versioning in downloads for PL3 but not Nik”?

So now I have Nik_Plugins_2_byDxO.exe - the version I purchased - and Nik_Plugins_2_byDxO (1).exe - the update.

Please get with it and include the version number with ALL downloads for ALL your software.

That is a very fair request - but must your tone be so demanding and thankless? I’m sure you have reasons to feel annoyed and frustrated. But cracking the whip doesn’t help. I’m not a DxO employee, but I want DxO employees here to feel appreciated and to keep communicating so openly with their customers here on this forum. (I can name one who has already stopped participating due to verbal abuse.) I’ve worked in mission-critical technical support and can honestly say that I believe DxO is doing great work here in this forum for us. They are good advocates for their customers. So let’s give 'em a chance. :smile: