Version id on Nik Collection applications

How can it be that Dxo at start of PhotoLab 3 clearly identifies the product version and build, and then on Nik Collection members presents the customers for - nothing !! At upgrade times there is no (easy) way to verify that you actually attaches the new version when calling from the Customize section of PL.

There should at least be a (as in PL) a Help / About button to tell you what you are working with.

Don’t you developer guys talk - or is a common design group not put up yet ?

Johannes Elkjaer Madsen

Click on the Nik by DxO emblem top right will bring the pop-up window with Nik version.

It’s not helpful to post the same question/request multiple times, Johannes - it only tends to confuse matters.

John M

Hi John,
i know, but when I the first time was asked to be patient I didn’t realize I had to be That patient.
Regards Johannes

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