Version for Monterey

I have PhotoLab 4 Elite. I have not been able to buy an update because I need Catalina.
Now I have set up a second volume with Monterey.

Now to my question: Is it to be expected that the upcoming versions, I have PhotoLab, ViewPoint and FilmPack, will still run under Monterey? I’m thinking about when I’ll do this or these updates. Ver 6 has been released for a while, so I would like to wait for ver. 7.

Because I can’t buy previous versions after a new version is released, I need to ask this question.

Unfortunately, DxO have decided on a present version - 2 policy for macOS, so each version will have a limited lifespan unless you can upgrade your version of macOS. For PL7, this will mean having to run, at least, Monterey.

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DxO publishes “compatibility” data on this page:

Data corresponds to “you can get support” rather than “the app will (not) run”.

As of now, my iMac 2019 runs with macOS Monterey and I’ve installed all published versions of PhotoLab. Only PhotoLab (version 1) has a few minor issues, but versions 2 to 6 work as expected. I’m also testing PhotoLab versions 5 and 6 on macOS Sonoma beta and they work nicely on the M1 MacBook Air - and without Rosetta. used to compile compatibility data, but it looks like it’s not been updated spotlessly.

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If the 2-version decision is technical, it’s understandable. Anything else would be, sorry, stupidity from a marketing point of view.
If companies make this decision, they should offer previous versions for sale to people who do not have the option of upgrading their OS. Maybe 2 versions down :wink:

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