Version 6 not showing after update

Good Morning to you all,
My very first question on this forum.I have just updated the Nik collection from version 5 to version 6 on my Windows system and using it the usual way through Lightroom Classic it is only showing the previous version, not the latest. Any ideas to what I need to do?
Thanks in advance for any replies, cheers.

It’s hard to understand how that could happen since I believe that version 6 still overlays the previous version when it is installed. Perhaps it no longer does that and both versions are now installed.


Please note that the Nik apps don’t reflect the collection version number in their names. Check the info (about…) of each app to verify what is really installed on your PC.

You can also uninstall the collection completely and use the cleanup tool for thorough cleaning. Afterwards, reboot your PC and install the new version again.