Ventura not supported by PL5

I’m a bit amazed that a year old version is not supported by an updated OS. I’m having issues with PL5 after upgrading to Ventura and the only solution is to buy PL6 or downgrade the OS.
Quite amazing to be honest.

My understanding is that while new versions of PhotoLab may not be compatible with older versions of MacOS, older versions of PhotoLab should be compatible with newer versions of macOS.

Here is DxO’s Mac hardware specifications for PhotoLab 5. Note that in the list it indicates MacOS 12.0 (Monterey) or higher.

  • Version 5:

Apple macOS®

  • Minimum system configuration:
    • Any CPU
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 4 GB available disk space
    • macOS 11.6 (Big Sur) or higher
  • Recommended system configuration:
    • Intel® Core™️ Processor with 6 cores or higher, or Apple Silicon™️
    • 16 GB RAM
    • macOS 12.0 (Monterey) or higher
    • 6 GB available disk space
    • AMD Radeon™️ Pro 580X or better for Intel® Macs


I’m running PL5 on Ventura without any issues I’ve noticed (iMac, Intel, 2019). Why do you say it’s ‘not supported’?

When double clicking an image to open it in custom mode the image doesn’t show up until either a few attempts or clicking on another image on the film strip.
I raised a support ticket with customer support and they said that PL5 is not supported by Ventura.

I’ve not experienced any problems with PL5 on Ventura and M1 Macs either.

See what DxO publishes here:

While an app might be compatible with an OS, it can still be unsupported. DxO should publish a support matrix…that also shows how long sw updates and customer support will be provided.

DPL5 runs nicely on macOS Ventura on my M1 MacBook Air 2020.

No problems here on Ventura, either. Double click on an image opens it, at least so far.

Ok… I’ve seen similar behaviour in PL5. Not every time, but often enough to be annoying.

I have found that, once I’m in the in “Customize” tab, if the image is not showing, pressing “R” to move to the crop tool and then “M” to move back to the hand tool will reveal it.

There is certainly some sort of hiccup with the display-refresh in Ventura. If this is the problem you mean, it seems it should be fixable and I’m really surprised by the answer you got from support.

It does make it sound as if they are ready to drop support for PL5 on Mac.


I sincerely hope you are wrong on this. At the moment, I am running Monterey with PL3, PL4, PL5 and PL6, all happily co-existing. So I find it hard to see why DxO would drop support for PL5 just because of an operating system version change.

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Quite often older versions are applications reach EOL for active development and patches when newer ones are released.

That said, if problems occur with older software on newer OS it’s commonly due deprecated APIs or enhancement for security etc which interferes.

Like you @Joanna with DxOs previous software I’ve not seen this being a problem at all.

Unless you count the Nik suite which DxO bought from Google - which they bought from Nik - but didn’t care about. It took a while for DxO to sort that out. :slight_smile:

Although I have meanwhile upgraded to PL6, my copy of PL5 elite still works perfectly under the most recent Mac OS (Ventura, 13.0.1).

I can completely understand when older software reach their end of life after a few generations or years not after one year!!!.

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But it hasn’t reached its end of life as a few posters here have attested to. You were given bad information. You are having an issue to be sure, but it is not a result of PhotoLab 5 no longer being supported on the latest version of MacOS.


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I agree. I think the support answer I received was wrong and hopefully Ventura and this specific issue will be resolved.

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I’m also running PL5 on macOS Vetura (M1 Max CPU) without any issues whatsoever. Are you saying that the issue you observe when using PL5 goes away completely with PL6? If so, I’d try a reinstallation of PL5. From the feedback here, it sounds like there is something specific to your machine’d setup that is causing a problem.

Hello @ migo33 We are supporting Ventura for PL5, so there was obviously a misunderstandting. Can you give us the number of the support ticket so we can go back to it and investigate?


Ticket 386997
This was the answer:
Also, please be aware that DxO PhotoLab 5 is certified to work with the following versions of Mac OS.

• macOS 10.15.7 (Catalina), 11.0 (Big Sur) or 12.0 (Monterey)

The latest version of DxO PhotoLab, version 6, can be used with Ventura. You can get more information regarding PhotoLab 6 using the link below.

Hello @ migo33
Thanks for the ticket number.
I think the answer was an accident. Please reply to the last answer of my spport colleague and describe in more detail the problem you are observing and what you have already tried. You might also add screenshots. This will create a follow-up ticket to continue with your initial question.