V6.2.0 installs but doesn't update?

I downloaded and installed v6.2.0, but the installation did not update from 6.1.0. No errors in the update; virus detection was turned off as a safeguard. Launching any one of the apps shows 6.1.0, and I receive a notice asking about whether I want to install the latest version (that being 6.2.0) a second time. Curious.

Anyone else experience similar?

i’m on mac and it went from 6.1 to 6.2 no issue.
did you download nik 6.2.0 from the software or you went in your account on dxo website? seem it didn’t install if you still run 6.1

I used the software-provided link for download. I solved the problem, with the help of DxO support. It required uninstalling, rebooting, turning off virus protection, and running the installer as (Windows) administrator, and then relaunching the virus protection. This worked.