V5 is not using right lense

I have a lot of macros taken with a Canon 7D2 with a Sigma 150macro ( with and without extenders). V5 is trying to use a Irix 150 f2.8macro if I now open these already processed imiges… I can find no way of forcing it to us the installed lense moduals! Have contaxted support but don’t hold up much hope on past experance , any ideas how to make it work correcly?

Please post an original raw file, we can then try to see where the issue comes from.

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Please, provide us with the RAW file either here or via upload.dxo.com and let us know when ready.

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Svetlana G.

_D2_4680.CR2 (22.1 MB)
_D2_4680.CR2.dop (9.9 KB)

The lense has been in use befor PL took over from OP. Looking at exports its only reporting 150mm lense. The only thing is I can think is originaly I must have been asked which lense modual to use and selr[ected Sigma 150 but there were other moduals latter, that I do rember coming up as I had a Sigma extender but all that cam up automaticly was the canonan extenders.

I would have thought the lense modual would be in the dop, may be its just kept in the data base bet eather way its lost the link and I have no idea how to get it back for the 100,s of 150 Sima imiges I have!

I have been looking back 2013 and earlier and lots of imiges are asking which lense moduals which never happend befor V5! Usually the right moduals. Have looked on 2 computers and same on both

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I see the same:

@Marie could you, please, investigate?

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Svetlana G.

Thanks, the other images asking which modual are for a range of cameray and lenses. All I have found so far can be linked to the right modual on both computers. The moduals are already on the computer and iisted as installed.


this issue will be fixed with next Optic Modules release, within a month.

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Judging from what I see in the file’s metadata, the lens info is fairly sketchy…

If DxO offered a possibility for manual selection, even of a “wrong” module, PhotoLab could be much more resilient in such cases. The respective feature request can be seen here:


I agree about a manual selection, though befor V5 there was never a problem with this lense. Now I have to go throuh years of imiges to ensure it’s not messed up linked camera/lenses. I would have thought they should have been in the dop but clearly not.
I am finding about 1/2 of my camera lense moduals have to reinstalled. I paid for V5 if I had wanted to be a BETA tester I would have joined that how on earth did such a majer bug get through?