V3 - Selective Tool disappearing


[Using Windows 10 Pro 1903]

In Photoshop CC, I have moved the Selective Tool to my secondary display in order to have it available permanently. As soon as I leave the main display and click anywhere in the secondary display (all my PS tool palettes are here), the Selective Tool disappears. I have to click in the main window to make it re-appear.

This is probably due to the fact that the code assumes that the Selective Tool should disappear when the PS main window no longer has the focus. Which is wrong.

The previous version of the Selective Tool didn’t behave this way. It behaved like an ordinary panel.


Actually, the Selective Tool window disappears whenever PS loses the focus and re-appears when PS regains the focus. Not a bug per se but an usual behavior for a PS panel.

Moreover, whenever I open a dialog box in PS, the Selective Tool disappears and re-appears when I close it. This is distracting. Imagine all PS panels working this way ! Please leave it opened once and for all like any other panel.

Edit : Even opening the Windows Start menu, using Alt-Tab or other usual tasks make the Selective Tool panel disappear (and re-appear). This is not only distracting but also rather irritating, especially on a dual monitor configuration where the PS panels are showing on the secondary display and are almost always visible.

Not a bug per se but an unusual behavior for a PS panel.

Really no way to fix this ?