V1.2.18.0 crashes PhotoShop

I am using V1.2.18.0. Every now and then - I’d say every third time - when I launch the filter, I get a popup window informing me that a new version is available and do I want to install now or later. The problem is that clicking either button does nothing, and I can’t cancel out of the filter. I have to Force Restart PhotoShop. If I was working on other images and (foolishly) haven’t resaved, I lose any work. I know I need to upgrade, but I have to schedule it with Admin Support since it requires Admin rights.
You can see from the attached image that the progress bar shows a tiny bit of orange, but no matter how long I wait it doesn’t change.

Question: Is there any way to cancel the filter in progress without having to Force Restart Photoshop? I’ve tried every keyboard combination I can think of.


The splash screen is for the 64 bit version of NIK. It is not compatible with 32 bit versions of PS (I think they were CS5 and earlier). In addition, if you’re running the Google version (32 bit) of NIK, the DxO version (64 bit) will overwrite it.

I’m using the latest version of PhotoShop - 20.0.4. I’m not running the Google version, I’m running the DXO version, V1.2.15.0 (I mistyped above).

I’ll schedule a visit from my IT department.