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I downloaded and installed the trial version sometime in 2021. Did not buy at the time. Time got away from me. Now I’m ready for a harder look since I am also using the trial version of the new NIK software. I will probably buy both but not without a trial of PL5 first. But when I downloaded another trial version, even with no existing version on my machine, the startup mode tells me my trial is expired. How do I try the software again?


You got the 30-day free trial of the software when you download it in late 2021. You cannot run the trial version a second time unless DxO support desides to reset it for you. I have no idea what the likelihood of that is.

However, all is not lost. PhotoLab 6 will be released during the third week of October, just around 3 months from now. Since it will be a new version of the software, you once again will be able to download and use the 30-day trial.

I strongly suggest you wait for PL 6 to be implemented rather than purchase PL 5 now. If you purchase PhotoLab 5 now, and you want to upgrade to PhotoLab 6 in October, you will have to pay for the upgrade.



If you have already installed a 30 day trial version, you have used up that licence and can’t expect to be able to renew that trial, otherwise folks would just keep on doing that and not buying it.

Just to make one thing clear - There really is no need to use both PhotoLab and Nik Collection. PhotoLab is an all-in-one RAW development and processing tool that does most things that Nik Collection does without leaving the product. Nik is primarily intended for those who want to use the tools as plugins for a Photoshop, or other, pixel editing workflow

I appreciate the info. Thank you.


Joanna, I was wondering that myself and the primary reason for using a trial. I used NIK a long time ago when it was free and I liked it. Not sure why I got away from it. If I did that I would need to find a RAW converter to TIFF to use it as stand alone software. Mostly, I am a B+W shooter so Silver Efex Pro 3 would be my go to. Especially now that it’s been upgraded.


If you normally use other software to process your raw files and only need something quick to convert your raw files to Tiff’s inorder to use them with the Nik collection, I believe the purchase of Nik Collection 5 also includes a free download to the Essential version of PhotoLab which is a more basic version and does not include a number of advanced features like DeepPRIME noise reduction. Since there is no extra charge for that version when you buy Nik, it may meet your needs.


The other way around is to use PhotoLab plus FilmPack integrated. Personally, I use the Fuji Acros 100 film emulation and, together with the FilmPack provided Fine Contrast tools (shadow, mid-tones, highlights and global) we get the most beautiful prints.

Here are a few lo-res exports of some of my Jazz photos…

We have many others, some of which we have printed to A2 size and, when printed on Canson Baryta paper, easily rival any wet prints we have made.

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Another option is to use PureRAW to convert your raw files then NIK Collection to do other edits.

I did read that. DXO doesn’t go out of their way to say that. Good point. Thanks.

You might like to know that DxO does good bundle pricing…

  • PureRAW + Nik Collection bundle - €248
  • PhotoLab + FilmPack Elite bundle - €257,99

So, it’s really about whether you need the Nik Collection plugins for third party software or if you want an all-in-one integrated app and the difference is only €10

Personally I’ve got the PL+FP+VP bundle, which only costs €288,99 - in other words, you get ViewPoint as well for only €31 extra.

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Joanna, but don’t you get Perspective Efex in the NIK collection? Why pay for ViewPoint? Also, I still don’t totally get why I need software (PureRAW) between the camera and PhotoLab Essential (or any decent post processing software). I used to use Lightroom until they botched its use on my Mac mini with the new M1 chip. Not a fan of rental software anyway. That’s why I’m looking. I have ON1 now but is fraught with bugs. BTW, nice jazz photos. And I use Canson Baryta paper, as well.

The standalone version of Viewpoint 3 is identical to Perspective Efex in the Nik Collection. For those who own or plan to buy the Nik collection and are only interested in a standalone perspective tool and/or do not use PhotoLab, there is no reason to also purchase Viewpoint 3.

However, for those of us who process raw files using PhotoLab, a license to Viewpoint 3 also unlocks and unhides all the Viewpoint functionality already built into PhotoLab. It can be used directly with raw files like any other PhotoLab features. Many PhotoLab and Viewpoint 3 users, like myself uninstall the unneeded standalone version of Viewpoint 3 and only use the embedded Viewpoint features in PhotoLab.

Additionally, not all PhotoLab users who want perspective functionality also want or need the entire Nik Collection.



Dear Joanna,
do you think it’s possible to show the original photo of the drummer, and show a short item list of your workflow you made to come to this superb end result.

Thanks in advance

Guenter in front of the next 34 degree’s day :sweat:

My point is - don’t buy Nik Collection unless you need it as plugins for something like PS or Lr.

You don’t need it between the camera and PhotoLab - PhotoLab contains PureRAW already.

As I mentioned, I don’t use anything other than PL5 Elite, with FP6 Elite and ViewPoint 3 embedded in it. That way, I have a one-stop-shop with all my tools in one place and can stay with my original RAW files from beginning to end. The only time I see a TIFF or JPEG is when I export the finished version, which the gets used and deleted, knowing that I can reproduce it at any time.

Thank you.

Yes, it is simply wonderful.

No problem…


Many thanks for the information dear Joanna
Can you tell me with which technical values (exposure, iso, measuring method etc.) the picture was taken?

Have a nice week


1/320 sec, f/5.6, 10,000 ISO, Highlight weighted metering

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Kommt Pure RAW dann auch in einer neuen Version?