Using the Nik Collection on an old Computer

I’m a current Nik user and decided to upgrade. My question is, can my computer handle the upgrade?
I’m using a Mac Pro (2010 model), 3.33 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon with 32 GB.

Reading DXO computer specifications doesn’t list my current computer speed. I believe the minimum speed is an i5 processor.
Will my computer work with the new upgrade?


Robert, your computer is very powerful. If you have upgraded to OS 10.13, you should have no issues. You can compare your computer with current models at Geekbench. Pay much more attention to Multi-Core results than Single Core (default view). Your Mac Pro silver tower is still competitive with some MacBook Pros from 2018.

I don’t believe Nik uses more than six or eight cores in any case.