Using old Optics Module for fresh lens while DxO cooks new one

Hi there! I am sorry If this issue has already been discussed. I have Canon RF 600 mm f/4 L with R5. Optics Modules do not have this profile yet. Although each time I recive a suggestion to use RF 600 mm f/11 profile instead and getting error message while trying to make it work. Is there any way to use EF 600 L II (or III if it exists) for my lens until right profile would be done?

One way to trick DPL into using a specific camara-lens-module is, to edit an image file’s metadata. This can be done with a hex editor or ExifTool and is best applied to copies of the original files.

A few posts deal with such modifications. Find the posts with the forum’s search tool.

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Thank you! Will try this trick