Using Gigapixel AI with PL 6 Elite

I’d like to understand the best workflow for using PL with Gigapixel. I’ve tried a number of things with very varied results. I’m working with files already edited in PL. What works semi-consistently (but really makes no sense) is taking an edited RAW image from DXO, exporting the image to LR as a TIFF, editing that image in Gigapixel, and then after the file is returned to LR, exporting it back to DXO. I can’t seem to round trip the PL edited image successfully without going through LR, even when the image was never previously in LR and no editing is actually being done in LR. There has to be a better way…Can anyone help me?
Thanks Stephanie

Have you tried exporting directly to GPAI as a TIFF through the “Export to application” option?

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This is what I do with both Sharpen AI and Gigapixel AI - do all my edits in PL first, no round trips, export to application as 16bit TIFF. You can export TIFF to Sharpen, open the results in PL then Export to Application “as is” (can’t remember the name of the drop-down, something like no further processing, it’s the last option) into GigaPixel.

Thanks Daniel! After Gigapixel, do you then return the image to PL? Something else? Also, do you ever need to do some editing in PS? If so, where does that fit into your workflow? Does this simple workflow solve all compatibility issues? Thanks so much–a clear and simple answer!

Gigapixel is always my last step before export to JPEG, though thinking about it I do that in PL.


  1. RAW file rinsed through PureRaw2 to output a DNG to edit in PL (this is absolutely not necessary if you have PL Elite, all DeepPrime options and DxO modules for compatible lenses are included in the editor so you can load the RAW straight into PL without this step, I have my own peculiar reasons to do otherwise).

  2. Do all my editing until I’m happy with the results. I don’t use a pixel editor like PS or Affinity though many others in this forum do - I’ll let them explain how this step works for them.

  3. Sharpen AI and Gigapixel AI are finishing touches I apply as needs be. My edited image from 2) get’s Exported to Application (Sharpen) as 16-bit TIFF. I think you can Export to Application to Sharpen AI and return the DNG into PL, but you can’t with Gigapixel - once the image has gone through that as a DNG it can’t be edited in PL.

  4. The TIFF is modified by Sharpen, it doesn’t create a new one.

  5. TIFF Exported to Application (Gigapixel) “as is”, which modifies it once more to get my “final image”

  6. Export TIFF to Disk as JPEG.

All “Export to” bits above are from PL, I end up with one untouched RAW, one edited DNG, one Sharpened and Gigapixeled TIFF and a JPEG.

Works for me :wink:

Thanks so much!