Using FP to create a preset for soft proofing in PL

I’m on version 6 under Windows 10 with both. I have some understanding of printing and know what to do with profiles for soft proofing and printing.

This is not how it should be done but rather about improving the output without the correct profiles - By comparing pint and screen side by side and manually tweaking colours.

First I created an ICC profile with Photoshop, but if I try to load it in PL, an error message pops-up. Then I used DaVinci Resolve. That works but I can’t set the preview window up in such a way that the image can be viewed large enough whilst tweaking colours.

My question:
Does it make sense to use a FP preset to soft proof in PL or does the FP preset get applied too early in the processing chain?

Why am I even bothering with this?

I got a printer (WF-3520) and unexpectedly fixed it to perfect working condition. So I purchased some refill ink and cartridges to use instead of originals (or the cheap replacement ones I bought to see if I could get it working).

The paper is doubled sided matt photo paper from a shop nearby - so I that I can just go pick up more when needed. It said single sided on the outside, but there was an extra sticker on the inside wrapping saying it’s double sided. Surprisingly good optical print quality for a generic office supply brand and price.

Although I didn’t want to get another printer (this was intended for scanning documents), seeing one of my latest photos printed made me go “I want more of this” (even though the colours were off). Hence the attempt to manually create a profile that I can use for soft proofing. The tools I have which can export profiles that load under soft proofing, are sadly not that good for creating the profile in the first place. I also tried Color Abstractor, but it does not have enough colour tweaking options.

While I’m not quite sure, wether I understood your question properly …

Any rendering – and so also from a FP preset – gets applied before you softproof for printing,

  • when you send the pic out to a printing provider → mostly with sRGB.
  • when you print yourself → with a paper profile.
    (shown here with a custom profile, while I use RI relative colorimetric instead)

If you like you can send me your profile (PM) to have a look.

Thanks for your reply. I meant using a manually created FP preset instead of loading an ICC profile in the actual soft proofing function.

This would of course only make any remote sense, if a FP preset is applied after all the other adjustments. If some other adjustments get applied after the FP preset, then I need to take that into consideration.

If the FP preset gets applied before HSL or lighting adjustments, then I won’t bother trying to get a good result this way.

Edit: I understand I can test, tweak and observe by myself to find out. Hoping someone else already knows.