Using DXO with Imagen AI

I use Imagen AI to edit my wedding photos and wanted to put them through Pure raw afterwards however after using images and making fine adjustments in Lightroom, when I export through dxo preset it doesn’t recognise any of my earlier changes.
Do we have to use purer before any presets and if so, do I need to export with purer then reimport, then use images?
Hope that makes sense as im totally new to this software.

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PureRAW will only process supported raw files from supported cameras. All edits you do in whatever app you use, are ignored by DPR.

Always make using PureRAW your first step of edits and customize the exported files in your app of choice. Preferred export file format: DNG.

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So I need to use DXO first then send the images to Imagen?

Yes. RAW images cannot be modified or it will not be a RAW image any more. So follow platypus advice