Using DropBox with Photolab

Hi everyone,

I’m currently using Aperture and evaluating Photolab2 to replace aperture which won’t be working anymore with the future Mac OS major release.
I’d like to know if anyone has feedbacks about the compatibility between Photolab and dropbox.
With Aperture, dropbox was not an option as Aperture was managing a global file (aperture library).
When I use Photolab, it seems to rely only on a file system hierarchy.
So this could be OK for dropbox.

Any feedbacks welcome !


I haven’t done this, because my Dropbox is too small for all the RAWs, but there should be no issues.

You should always use .dop files so you can pick up edits on different machines. The workflow would be like in a shared network drive.

Hi Christian
Thanks for your answer.
I don’t have any storage issue on dropbox as I’ll using commercial version with 1 TB.
so that’s a good news !