Using Deep Prime with old analog lenses


I intend to use old analog lenses on a Canon 1DX. Can I use modern denoise algorithms like Deep Prime or XD on these photos?

Best regards, Daniel

I don’t see why not. It works on my images captured with my Voigtländer manual focus lenses. They are not vintage, but it should not make a difference.


You can check for yourself by staring here:

It’s the data coming from the sensor in the body that is important to DeepPRIME, not the lens


the lenses I intend to by are not listed here Appareils supportés - DxO

Usually, DxO needs a parameter file which is designated to one particular camera-lens pair. I conjectured: old analog lens → no lens info in the exif data →
→ no designated parameter file → no Deep Prime

However, I made an experiment: I used my Canon 70D. I moved the 50mm
lens a bit to disconnect the electric contacts. In this way, I made a photo without
lens information. I was able to choose Deep Prime in DxO for this photo.

Best regards, Daniel

With the old analog lenses unfortunately we miss out on the DxO Photolab database of lens correction (even when there’s a modern equivalent), on just the lenses which would benefit from correction. It’s frustrating (DxO should let us assign lenses as we see fit).

At least DeepPrime does work, as Joanna mentioned, with all RAW images, regardless of lens.