Using Clone Tool in DXO PL7

I am looking to fill in the green foliage gap in the attached image with a few of the smaller flowers from the same image. How would this best be done with PL7? I have tried using the Clone tool but unsuccessfully.

Can you post the RAW file to a sharing service(ie Dropbox, Wetransfer, pCloud, etc) and then post the link to it here, so we can give it a try?

Unfortunately it is a jpeg. It was taken on an iPhone.

Rats, that’s a shame, I’ll try it on the JPG but it would be much better with the RAW,

Thanks, I’d be interested to know how you did it.

I wasn’t entirely sure of what you wanted, but this could be done in a more artistic fashion. All it takes is 3 clone stamps with a little twist of transform on each one(in differing directions).


That is fantastic, thanks and much appreciated.

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