Using AF-P 70-300 DX on Nikon 1 cameras (RAW)

The result is not pleasing and for worse than when used with the Nikon 1 70-300 CX.

Somebody figured out how to change the names of the files of the AF-P lens to masquerade as the Nikon 1 lens and got perfect results!!!

Couldn’t DxO’s clever PhotoLab guys make that to work automatically?! Can’t be much of a hack for you guys?! S’il vous plait?!

@Tord , similar feature requests have been around for quite a while. Some of the requests are for specific lens models, others are for more general ideas like manual selection of modules.

DxO creates modules for specific body-lens combinations. Making PhotoLab choose a different module does work, but it can lead to the following issues

  • colour shifts
  • inadequate precision of optical corrections.

DxO strongly dedicates its software to precision … and selecting “wrong” modules contradicts that very mission. I’d therefore be surprised if we saw manual selection of modules in the next releases.

Nevertheless, DxO could be more open-minded to manual selection of modules, the consequences of which could be handled in different ways, e.g.

  • pop up a warning about reduced precision (could be a first step)
  • include in the software, the algorithm to mathematically fit any tested lens to any tested body (could be done as a separate “module creator” app)
  • other (I trust DxO to be able to come up with a solution)
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SyberSitizen, the guy who did this is often on DPreview’s site, and did so very successfully:

But hacking each file is not something I like to do, so I thought you easily could include this trick, as it doesn’t seem to be very complex to do! I have both lenses, and been photo-editing since the early '90s, and owned an SLR camera since the '60s!

Hello Tord, Can you please provide sample images to analyse this problem? Upload Raw + Jpg here - and let me know when ready. Please clarify which lens you are using and the change in Exif you are exactly doing. Thank you !


Yes. These two lenses have totally different optical designs and even if some exiftool editing might trick PL to parse the camera and lens combination - the result will not be beneficial.