User's Guide PL 5

In the User’s Guide for PhotoLab 5, it is mentioned that there are 3 input fields under IPTC-Status. (page 50). No matter how much I search from all sides, I only find 2: “Copyright” and “Usage Rights”, the one that is missing is “Source”. As there is no other indication, it can be assumed that the illustration in the Guide is valid for both operating systems, or not ?

There are, indeed, a few discrepancies between DPL on Win, Mac and the written guide.

Had a look at the guide again and found a few things

  • The directory has gone
    → Please bring back the directory and make it clickable (click to go to the chapter)
  • important locations have been added at the end of the document
    → I like that
    → don’t translate “Library” if it is part of a path and always comes in English
    → check entries: License files are below /Library, omit the tilde