User Palette Disappears

After creating a user palette I can use it fine but as soon as I close & reopen DxO PL4 Elite the palette is no longer visible, even in collapsed mode. I’ve looked everywhere in the app but it’s gone. WTF? I’m using ver. 4.2.0, build 4522 for Windows 10.

same version // works here // try again and save your workspace

Do you show your palette in the palettes menu ?
Have you selected one of the subset of tools ? you’ll only see the tools of this subset

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No, my palette didn’t show up in the palettes menu. It did when I first created it and I did add 6 or 7 subsets from the full palette before it disappeared.

I have just now created another user palette with a different name. I shut down and reopened PL4 and the new user palette and subsets are there and show up. Maybe I had a glitch in PL4.

Question. Where are the user palettes stored? Is there any way to see that folder/file area?

Go to Win (C:)>Users>% your user name%>AppData>Local>DXO>Photolab 4>Workspaces

Here you will find your saved workspaces.

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Well, yes, I can see my workspaces, but I don’t see any user created palettes, which is what I asked about and which disappear. :confused:

I don’t think palettes exist as individual files.


The palettes exist inside the workspaces. The only way to see them is to call them up inside PL4 and view them in the customize tab. There is nothing available to view in Windows Explorer.

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John: Your “user created palettes” are defined within the workspace definitions.

John M