User Manual for Nik 4 (and 3, and 2) include Color Efex Filter descriptions/information

485 pages in Nik 4 User Manual but still does not appear to include a description of each of the Color Efex filters–information that does exist (used to be on the web version of the user manual) but has been left out of the PDF version–again!.

Please redo the manual and include this important information.

Hi Nikki - Don’t forget to vote for your own request.

Meanwhile, this may be of some interest

John M

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John, thank you for the link – a nice teaser.

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Have asked. Repeatedly. First when it became apparent that “creating” a PDF from the web version in years past did not include the information on filters and it was not possible to create a PDF of just that “page” as it was for all the other “pages” that were part of the web help files. No one listens.