User Guide

Is there a PDF User Guide for PhotoLab 2 that I can download? Thanks.

Hi Peter

You can find the user guides on our website, in the “Help Center” section :
Just click on “PhotoLab2”, then in the “documentation” section, just click on “User Guide”.

The guide is available in French, German, English and Japanese.
You can download a PDF version by clicking on the option on the right corner of the screen :


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Thanks for responding. I know that. Can I download it like I did PhotoLab 1?

OK - got it. Thanks.

The PDF download has not been updated for PL2 and even for PL1 there are still too many references to Optics Pro in the manual. While still useful it may be confusing to new users since there are also subtle differences between the Windows and Mac versions which are not always clear, The whole manual needs to be reviewed and appropriately updated. Sloppy documentation can give new and potential users an undesirable impression of the company creating it.



Thanks for your feedback @mwsilvers.