User definable file suffix

PureRAW comes up with long file name suffixes.

I request that suffixes be made user definable.

There is no “vote” button. Please add a simple thumbs up emoji if you agree with this request.




Definite Plus 1 from me

Yes, I agree. :+1:

Yes, this would be good. I believe it has been requested elsewhere, too, so hopefully it will be implemented. :+1:

:+1: I’m joining the vote too! It really needs to be done!

:+1: A definite requirement…

:+1: yes a good idea

If you still have a problem with the suffix (or folder) you can use the program fotoarray (.com) to remove or change the suffix (Windows/OSX).

If you start “fotoarray.exe -rename folder_name” it will open right away to work with all files in the specified folder and close the program when done.

fotoARRAY also installs a small Windows executable which can rename and work with the image files which were passed when calling it. You can use that for free without any limitations.

  • move one folder up
  • remove suffix from file name
  • add a suffix to the name
  • call any program and pass each single file to it. It is possible build a custom command line.

The parameters of this programs are connected to the name of the EXE file. So if you rename it, you can do different tasks with the new instance.

@fotoARRAY, this thread is about a future improvement of DPR - and making unnecessary any unwanted intermediary steps like fixing filenames, no matter the tool we choose. Thanks anyway for your tool proposal.