Useful Hotkeys

I would like hotkeys to access the tools: crop, align, white balance. These are first priorities.
Then as a bonus hotkeys to access every single item of the correction panel. I would love for instance just to press E for exposure compensation and then with the up and down arrows to be able to correct exposure.

This is one of the easiest improvements that DXO can make with the biggest possible impact.

Speed up our workflow!


Since I use my mouse extensively for selecting and adjusting sliders, local adjustments, zooming in and out, and a dozen other things, I see no real improvement to my overall workflow using hotkeys. My right hand is almost always on my mouse. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the idea. I think it’s a good idea and where practical I will certainly take advantage of additional hotkeys. I just don’t see it having any significant effect on my workflow.


i am forgetting the combinations all the time. right mouse, read text choose is much more intuitive.
But if the text has a short key/hotkey behind it it could be helping to remember and thus to use.
luckely there is a drop down list of the hot keys in help.
Biggest issue with a extending toolbox is the ctrl+ character in a logic way is running low.
ctrl+G is grid ctrl+c is copy and can’t used for crop. a repeating manner of using ctrl alt, shift, space bar to extend control in commands of a tool is much easier to implement.But remembering is the key of fast hotkeys.

The problem I see with the use of hotkeys more than just occasionally is the constant effort of taking my hand off the mouse to use a hotkey combination, then putting it back on the mouse, identifying where the mouse pointer has moved to, and moving it back to where I want it to be, I’ve created an unnecessary distraction that, if anything, slows down my workflow. Hot keys may be fine for occasional use, but then occasionally using one is not going to speed up my workflow significantly.


With more hot keys or option to remap them you can better make use of a graphical pen tablet or pen display monitor.

Map the most common adjustment commands to the tablets quick keys and use them with your left hand while holding the pen in your right.


I suppose that is the case, but for a mouse user on a 28" non-touch screen, 4K desktop monitor, which is not comfortably within reach anyway, the hotkeys don’t hold the same appeal.


I don’t know how you use your computer, but if you have one hand on your mouse and the other on the keyboard there is no friction? You make it sound like you use your computer with one hand and do not know where your keys are. I use my applications like this all the time… R for straighten, C for crop, H for hand tool, CTRL + number for tooltabs… there is no difference versus only using mouse, I can keep looking at my mouse pointer and also do not need to let go of my mouse at any time.

Decades of computer history tell you that keyboard shortcuts are still the most convenient way to use a computer (besides dedicated control panels for things like color editing). Going against them is factually wrong, unless we are talking about touch screen only devices. It’s like people saying that typing with two fingers is faster because they don’t know how to use all 10.

Nothing is slower and more cumbersome than clicking around on a high resolution screen with a mouse. The fact that you’re used to it doesn’t make it any better.


Different people will use applications in different ways.
I try to learn hotkeys immediately as personnally I always work MUCH faster with a combination of hotkeys and mouse than just mouse.
The good news in this request is that implementing hotkeys is not detrimental to users who only wish to use their mouse.
As I edit batches of 1000+ photos, hotkeys are a must. I do the same operations (crop, horizon, exposure, white balance) on each photo and using the mouse exclusively is a massive waste of time.

I think I have my keyboard memorized after 35 years of software development. I don’t know how big your hands are but with regard to the following sixteen current DXO PhotoLab shortcut key combinations for the Windows version, some are an uncomfortable reach with one hand, some require using two hands, and some would require moving my left hand all the way to the right side of the keyboard if I keep my right hand on the mouse.

Although I do use some of them, in general these shortcuts are not terribly convenient in my PhotoLab workflow. I almost always use shortcut keys in most applications that are not as mouse intensive, like Microsoft Office as an example. But I have no touch screen on my main desktop machine, and use my mouse extensively in PhotoLab. The shortcut keys in the Windows version of PhotoLab mostly get in the way for me.


Ctrl +N

True, not all combinations are within one handreach. And as you i like a continuisch control on my mouse by a hand.
I have a movement selection button on my mouse to use a high speed or smallsteps movement for detailed work and with high movement i can travel much on screen with small wristmovement. So i toggle that speed when i feel the need. :slight_smile: This minimise my hotkey use to some tool control.

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