Use operating system RAW support for unsupported cameras

I have many photos taken with cameras not specifically supported by PhotoLab – both older cameras that will never supported, as well as the latest ones that are not yet supported. In such cases I would like DxO to use the operating system RAW support to process the image. I understand doing that is suboptimal for PL’s algorithms, but suboptimal is much better than either not being able to use PL to process the photos at all, or having to create intermediary files in TIFF/JPEG format to work on in PL.

Thank you!


Very useful in the Library to review and sort images and manage our entire images collection…

Now that is an interesting idea.
Dear DxO is that actually possible in the future ?


DAM applications like Photo Supreme do this



we are thinking of a way to support cameras we haven’t a profile for, but it won’t be in version 3 of PhotoLab.



Thank you for this feedback @Marie.

Of course it is a new request and the timeline is open. The work is probably consequent too.

IMO this is a very smart move. Not only to invite more people to join us using PhotoLab, but also to help people who needs to wait patiently until a profile is ready.

Since it is on your todo list, can we release the votes ? (@sgospodarenko ?)

Could this idea also be used to edit things like Nikon D100 files that are visible in macOS but not yet in PhotoLab?

I guess so. If the OS support it.
It would also make no sense to limit to a certain number of devices “on purpose”.

Sure, closing the request.