Use HSL tool with local adjustments

The new HSL color wheel is presently only usable as a global tool. It would be helpful if this could be either part of the local adjustments or if there was some way to use masks to restrict its effect to specific parts of the image.

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I absolutely agree. It was one of the first things I thought of yesterday when I was reviewing the new features. You have my vote. Since the count is currently zero, it appears you did not vote for it yet.


The thing I like about PL is the use of local tools, positive and negative.
Hopefully now they have got this colour tool, they will work on making it either a local tool, or at least being able to mask off areas.

Gets my vote.


Ha. I did not know I could vote for my own posting. I have now done so.

Why not? You wanted it so you should be able to vote for it, right?:smiley: Although I wish you had worded the request title to specifically indicate use of the new HSL tool with local adjustments. Its not currently clear from the title.



Fixed it. Hope that helps.

I think that makes the request clearer and will hopefully result in more people looking at it. Five votes in only 2 hours seems pretty good. I know this may be cheating, but if you go into the thread and update one of your posts slightly every now and then it will place this request back to the top of the listing. I normally wouldn’t recommend this but I think this is an important enough enhancement to warrant it. In addition keeping this request visible will make it less likely that someone will create a similar request.


+1 vote done.

DxO gave us the little finger. Lets grab the arm then!
And the leg too: HSL for high-mid-low as in Capture One!

That does not go far enough. Let’s make PhotoLab a mask first tool, where everything starts with a mask and every tool can be applied to every mask. No special tools for local adjustments. Global adjustments are just local adjustments with a 100% mask that covers the whole image. That won’t happen, but it would be the final solution.


CaptureOne does that, and it is very helpful, but I don’t see that happening with PL as it would require an entire rewrite of large sections of the code. As it is now there is no layer control and your request, as great as it would be, would require that all be changed.

I know, that it won’t happen, but it would be cool. What does not really make sense is to place masking capabilities separately in every tool, just from the application’s viewpoint. Maybe we are in a deadend with some past design decissions here.

interesting idea. Probably the main downsides would be related to slower image rendering, and of course the effort needed to completely redesign PhotoLab.


Anyone who has earned a living designing or writing software can tell you the issues involved with trying to change a basic design without (and even with) redesigning the entire approach and rewriting large parts of the software. And even doing that almost guarantees major issues for the next major release until all of the issues have been sorted out.

I would like to see them do something with layers but I am not sure that I would want to be using the first release of that software.

…we can do this even today: Paint a mask over the complete image and adjust with the few controls we have.

All that needs to be done is to

  1. make all tools available to masks and
  2. get rid of the slider overlay (don’t like it anyway)

Yes, it looks that easy, but I would expect, that local adjustments are a special case in PL implemented on top of the normal case. Most often if a software is forced into a new area, that the software was not designed for from the start, then everything is a tradeoff and the underlying architecture and existing code base are your biggest enemies. I know it from our software we develop in our company. Performance is an other candidate, you cannot just attach to an existing software. Either your tool is designed with performance in mind, declining all requirements that would harm that target, or you have no performance with a bigger project size. You can locally optimize for performance using tools called profilers, but realy fast you can only be with a performance centered architecture and with product owners that measure their success by reaching that target.

:joy: looks like exactly it is


We must bear in mind Local Adjustments are not prerequisite unlike other software.

Yes this was my first thought also. My flower’s and bee video shows color changes on places i didn’t wanted to happen. (it was quick and dirty but you can’t avoid that to happen)
solution can be:
HSL also available in the local adjustment menu. ( with Upoint as selector so you get instant a colorpicker/eyedropper function and be able to precise selecting a hue area and image area?)

or keep it global but with a protection mask availability to erase/protect area’s…

BOTH! :heart_eyes:

(DxO, you opened the door of a candystore in front of a group of hungry ADHD kid’s who ran just out the schoolbus no way you can contain this :joy: We Want More! :joy: