Use Built-In Previews in Photo Library

I propose that DxO add an option to disable the rendering of images in Photo Library view and use built-in previews instead.

This new feature is intended to provide

  • fast review, rating and culling
  • user selectable choice for speed vs. calculated preview

Speed, or the lack of speed, has been widely criticized lately. If DxO strives to embrace image management, the new option is essential imo. Background rendering can be a variant, but only if it does not interfere with speed as it does now.

Note: User selectable choice between speed and precision has been added as an option in Customize view already, but not to Photo Library view, where it matters most.

I’ve voted because it’s a sensible suggestion (even tho it’s not something that impacts me, personally - because I use a progressive/work-in-progress approach that works on 30 images max at one time).

John M

PS. There’s a typo in your title, Vlatypus

…fixed…typing on tablets while half asleep :grimacing:

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@platypus Have just voted for this as an option i.e. you are free to choose whether you like what is currently on offer or the alternative.

It would be useful if this option could be a “non-restart” option if that is possible to that it could be turned on and off at will. While preferences would be acceptable alongside the other option I personally would like to be able to “toggle” it from the PhotoLibrary screen itself (because I am like that and it is closer to hand and …)

Assuming I’m thinking you mean what I think you mean(!) then I’d be happy to see the option.

Have just started to trial ‘FastRawViewer’ for culling purposes and like the option to see the pure ‘Raw’ file but quickly toggle the embedded JPEG on/off to see what the camera rendering was like for the shot. For a couple of shots lately I’ve actually then pulled the JPEG off the second memory card as I didn’t feel the need for any further tweaks.

So assuming that’s what you mean then I’m all for that.