Upscaling feature

Upscaling would be a useful feature.

The latest Photoshop CC version has the ability to improve detail in expanded resolution images which is said to have been achieved by adopting an advanced AI process. This I think would generate a lot of interest in the product and would be a great marketing ploy for DXO.

Would this be feasible at this point in time?

Before purchasing PL I bought ON1 Photo Raw. Now I find the only reason I go back to ON1 is the resize feature (which is very good). The combination of editing the original photo in PL, and then exporting to ON1 for the ability to resize for modern monitor sizes, has completely refreshed and reinvigorated my older photos. It is worth the hassle of file type changes, but it would be excellent to do everything in PL.

I’m sure if DxO applied their usual scientific minds to the resize challenge, it would be an outstanding solution.


Hmm. I might have a look at that.

You like to hurt yourself :slight_smile:
The upscaling function is included since forever and improved with PhotoLab 1 update.
When he exports the image, user can imposes the output format; Downscaling and upscaling.


You have a point. However, I should have been clearer. The ON1 Resize function is significantly advanced beyond the simpler size change feature in PL (which of course is available in a lot of export dialogues in many systems). Generally it is regarded as best in class, and was until the launch of ON1 Raw a separate and successful application in its own right. I’d like something like that in PL.

Can you be more explicit ?

Here’s a review

Hi GaryB.
I had a bit of a look at this ON1 feature last night and will do some more exploring of its potential over the next few days.

My first impression is that the user does need to exercise restraint in how the function is applied.

A preview window would greatly assist in this regard as one needs to avoid doing things like false sharpening of out-of-focus areas in an image. I’m not a programmer so I have no way of ascertaining how difficult this might be as far as DXO might be concerned but in the ON1 context the user would just have to experiment with a range of different settings and from that perhaps then form a series of presets in order to achieve his broad objective.


Hi again Gary and others,
I think I can now report that I have done a worthwhile assessment of resizing tool in ON1.
Yes, with a certain amount of measured restraint you can get some pretty impressive results.

I rather suspect however that some sanity check boundaries might be crossed in the meantime and by that I mean when looking at the image on a screen of your choosing it might become necessary to protect certain areas of an image from this fractal sharpening effect for aesthetic reasons. So you might then have to use masks to achieve this.

Challenging but still achievable?


Andrew, I’m pleased you took the time to look at this. I also think it’s impressive, which is why it’s still in my workflow. In reality I’ve not found the need to protect areas, but I can definitely understand your point and suspect I’ve just been lucky so far with the material I’ve selected. Thank you for taking my suggestion seriously and putting this effort in.

Recently I have been “targeted” (based on my internet searches I presume) for links to articles regarding upscaling methods. I have been reading a number of “expert” opinions regarding methods to enlarge images for larger printing. There is a GigaPixel tool and above other options are suggested. I have been unimpressed personally and have abandoned such tools. That however got me thinking about the method used by DxO and has there been any discussion from a mathematical/scientific/artistic perspective on those methods ? It would be interesting to have the folks who invented PRIME NR discuss for us Bicubic Sharpening vs. Lanczos … Thoughts for the New Year - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all of you.

I too took an interest in the Topaz Gigapixel tool a little while back but decided to stick with the ON1 resizer for now as it is my impression that this whole AI thing is only just getting started and the impact it will have in the coming years will be profound.

So “all aboard” the AI express it would seem.

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There’s quit a few resizing program out there and I found some work better than others on different type of images but the end result it not so different.
ON1 resize, Alienskin Blow up, Benvista photozoom, topaz gigapixel.
I didn’t find on1 giving better results than blow up, Topaz giga or affinity photo. Benvista isn’t cheap for just a resizing software.

Another vote for ON1. It used to be a standalone product called Genuine Pixels, which I have used to get a 1,5m long panoramic out of five 6 MPx images stitched together. Of course, it was meant to be viewed from no nearer than 1,5m but it was plenty sharp enough for an exhibition.

I`d also appreciate such a feature