Upoint Fill

Fill a Subject or an area in the picture.

Hello, I’m not going to give votes for any words thrown in.
Maybe we should go back to writing complete sentences like we have learned in school.

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@JesusSheep, as already said by @Guenterm, no one will vote for a ‘feature request’ that is not clearly defined.

If English is not your native language then create your post in you native language and then use a translator like Google Translate or DeepL before you post the text here.


If you have Subject or an object in the photo . Be able to shape control point area to match the object Like a person or an animal.Choice of area effect inward or outward.
Same controls as control point.Add diffuse control.

Sounds like something one can do in Photoshop and similar pixel editors.
Brush cats and dogs onto an image? Is that what you’re thinking of?

I am think of being able to shape it ,enlarge or shrink and feather the area of effect can be inside or outside the shape.same controls as a control point or line.

PS or AP :joy:

Have it done with Photo lab.

You you want an Essay written on that perhaps a whole book ,well you have come wrong place.

when you want to get help, “we” need a brief explanation instead of just a few words. :slight_smile:

I hoped my last post was short enough :wink:

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Perhaps it it would be just as good to be able to turn a Mask into a control shape .Same controls as control point .Also for Mask have a fill function to fill the area of the mask.So you can go around the outside with a brush than fill.

Thanks for the information!