Uploading copies of files to topaz?

I received a message box while processing files, something to effect of "do you want to upload a copy of files topaz to help with development of product. I believe I answered "NO. since then I have searched for an option in pureraw3 to turn that option on and off and found none and I have found no documentation detailing this option? If I accidently replay “yes” to this question will all my photos be uploaded?

I have never used PureRaw, but you can always take a look at the users guide… :wink:

Process photos – PureRAW Guidelines (dxo.com)

Topaz is nothing to do with DxO, it’s a completely separate company. A message about uploading files to Topaz to help with the development will be coming form Topaz so you need to look in your Topaz application to find the off switch for this feature.


It is a Topaz Photo AI thing. Upload was briefly the default but after numerous complaints they changed it. Can turn it off in Privacy preferences or update to the latest version. Its not supposed to happen if you use it as a plug in (In the latest version anyway). Seems odd it happens from PL.

I just checked on an older version of Photo AI and there the default was to upload from plug ins.
In the others (sharpen, denoise, gigapixel) it seems uploading is the default. Again change it in preferences.